1.2.2020 – My first customer



I am delighted to announce that on the the first day of the month I have received my first cake request! Not that I have been doing anything about putting this kind of service out there, so I should count myself lucky. In fact, it’s my mum who puts all the effort in, in publicising my passion, and getting people to hear and read about me, so thanks mum if you’re reading!

Mum religiously attends our local yoga studio and has been taking part in a 30 day yoga challenge with her yogi pals. For anyone who doesn’t know, this is committing to practising yoga every day for 30 days, quite the ordeal. At the end of the challenge, those who participated will be having a little celebration party, and the owner of the studio has asked mum if I can make a cake to commemorate. I am SO excited.

I therefore thought I would share my initial idea, which is obviously going to change from now to the time of making it, probably quite a few times.

Because yogi’s are renowned for being healthy souls, I want to make a fresh and vibrant looking cake. I am therefore thinking of doing a two tier victoria sponge, bursting with fresh fruit. The bottom tier will be sandwiched with cream and jam, oozing out of the sides. The base will be covered in a wreath of fruit and green herbs such as thyme. The second tier will be smaller, and I will pipe cream next to strawberry halves that will be standing up, almost like a frasier in that sense. In between the two tiers will be another wreath of colourful fruit and herbs, and then on the top, I will pipe cream rosettes and rest a white chocolate plaque on top that will read ‘congrats yogi’s.

It’s not long until I have to make the final product, so I will most likely be doing a practise run very soon, and if there’s anyone reading this, I would love to hear your opinion on the initial design.

I am heading out now as it’s my first Saturday off work in a very long time and I want to make the most of it!

Speak tomorrow,


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