Gymshark Leggings Review | Flex vs Fit

I’m sure most of you reading this will agree that buying gym clothes online can be very stressful, especially when it comes to leggings!

Questions that might ring a bell:

1. Are they going to be see-through, especially when I squat?
2. Will they be too long and bunch around the ankles?
3. Are they going to fall down if/ when I decide to go for a run?

Sometimes, finding a brand that works for you is like finding gold dust, and you don’t want to risk a new brand, to find out your leggings are totally see through, bulge at the waste and then have to faff around with returns.

Fear no more!

I’m going to give you a full review of the Gymshark Fit and Flex leggings. Keep reading if you want honest advice on sizing, fit, quality, colour options and what to choose for specific activities too. Why are you only reviewing these two pairs? These are my personal two favourite gym leggings out there but are both good for different reasons, as I will explain below.

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NEW RELEASE DATE: 6th April                           

PRICE:         £32.00


gymshark flex leggings

If you haven’t seen a pair of these floating around Instagram, then I don’t know where you’re looking. It’s hardly surprising though, with their extraordinary butt shaping abilities, and especially when they’re modelled by the likes of Nikki Blackketter, that everyone want’s / has a pair.

The name says it all. These leggings are perfect for flexing, and to make matters better, they’re totally squat-proof. That’s right … there’s actually leggings out there that aren’t see through! So, if you’re looking for a reliable yet bum extenuating pair of leggings that you can lift and squat in, you’ve come to the right place.

gymshark flex leggings

Now you’re probably wanting to know a bit more detail…


True to size. I wear a size S in these leggings and you’ll usually find me in a 6/8. Saying that, I like my clothes to be a little roomy, in preparation for that post-workout food baby and so could probably drop a size for a more ‘snug’ fit. The S also gives a little excess on the ankle, so if you’re petite and under 5ft4 then I suggest perhaps going for an XS.


gymshark flex leggings


The flex leggings are made from a polyamide,  polyester,  and elastane, to be precise. This essentially just makes them feel luxuriously soft and fit seamlessly. With an elasticated performance waistband that sits just below the waist, you don’t have to spend half your workout pulling up your trousers. They have a physique contouring design, that flatters the leg and allows the booty to pop. The only downfall of this mixture of fabric is that they’re very thick which means they’re not so good for a really sweaty session.


gymshark flex leggings

Great for

  • Weight training – thick, squat-proof and functional
  • Showing off your physique

New Colours

  • Light Grey Marl/ Sherbert Pink & Blueberry/ Marine Blue

Not for you? How about…


gymshark fit leggings

NEW RELEASE DATE: 6th April              

PRICE:         £30.00


With their highly recognizable colourful and branded waistbands, these too would be hard to miss. OK, so they don’t have the contour design that points to all the right places, but they are hands down the comfiest and most versatile gym leggings on the planet. As a bonus, they’re also super flattering. Comfy and flattering?! It’s no wonder I seize every opportunity to wear them; it’s a good thing they come in a variety of colours.

The fit leggings sit perfectly on the waist and hug you in all the right places. They too, are totally squat-proof AND sweat-proof too – now that’s a combination that’s hard to find. So, if you’re unlike me and enjoy a sweaty cardio session or perform HIIT workouts on a daily basis, these will be a life changer for you. If you’re not a cardio go-er, I can still guarantee these won’t let you down.


gymshark fit leggings


Also true to size. I am very comfortable in a S, however again, there is a slight excess around the ankle. One thing Gymshark get SO right is the waist to bum ratio. The fit leggings ‘fit’ so perfectly tight around the legs and bum yet don’t leave you bulging at the waist.


gymshark fit leggings


The fit leggings are made from 80% nylon and 20% Elastane, hence why they’re so breathable yet so comfy. The nylon allows or a snug fit that is really flattering for any figure. The fit leggings also have an additional feature on the inside of the waistband whereby an elastic grip helps them to stay up. The denier of the leggings is slightly thicker than most which means there’s no way you’re going to be left see-through and also makes them super comfy and super versatile. Seriously, you can wear them for almost any occasion.


Great for:

  • Cardio: breathable fabric, inside grip and a close fit.
  • Comfort / disguising as normal everyday clothes.

I hope you enjoyed my review and feel safe and confident in buying your new leggings, trust me, you wont be disappointed! I’d also like to say that yes, I work for Gymshark but this doesn’t make my review’s biased! I am thrilled that I am able to promote them as a brand because I honestly feel they have a good, reliable and affordable gym range. I wouldn’t ever promote a brand that I didn’t believe in.

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16 Replies to “Gymshark Leggings Review | Flex vs Fit”

  1. Hello! I’ve really been enjoying your blog posts but I was wondering if this is the only post you have up in the fitness category? I only see this one but I’d like to read more so I’m not sure if maybe you have more that I’m not seeing or if this is the only one as of now. I hope to see more great posts though!(:


  2. All the older reviews of the fit leggings say they are thin and NOT squat proof. Are the newest ones thicker than older versions? I just bought a pair today and was disappointed when I saw everyone saying they are see through. Hopefully I will love them when they arrive, though.


  3. I’ve been looking everywhere to find a true Review about “fit Leggings” line on squating and you did not post the photo like with the Flex Leggings. Do they work for squatting or are they actually see-through?


  4. I’m very dissapointed in this review… not biased? I have seen how see through the fit leggings are via loads of pics/videos and have done the fist test on them in person(where you push your fist or hand against the fabric to see if you can see skin through them. Definitely very see through). You said this isn’t a biased review. Then why did you only post a squatting photo of the flex leggings(I have a pair and have seen zero photos of them ever being sheer, so good job on this gymshark), but not the fit leggings?


  5. Gymshark Leggings are perfect for the workout. I have placed an order with wrong size leggings, But the gmyshark customer care team are quick and helpful before an order delivered to me, I quickly send an email to them with the right size they delivered me a right Leggings with extra 3 days shipment time.

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