Goodness Gracious

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goodness gracious

I’m Grace, I’m 22 and my two passions are baking and bikram. I truly believe they’re my purpose in life, my ikigai… as the Japanese would say. On my rare days of rest, I enjoy going on country walks, wondering around London’s lanes and visiting foodie havens.


Throughout my childhood up until to now, I use baking as a stress relief, a way to zone out and forget about the world’s imperfections. The catch 22 that appeared as I grew up, was my increasing interest in a healthy lifestyle as, everyone knows that baking is all about sugar-coated goodies that don’t often do justice to our longevity. You can probably guess where this is leading.

Baking & Bikram 

The ‘genius’ in myself decided to combine my two passions, healthy eating and baking, to make healthy treats! That’s where my blog comes in. Since starting, I have come up with a fair few yummy goodies, some so good you wouldn’t know they were healthy-ish… and I thought, what a better way to celebrate them, than to share them with you! My passion then became my life, and I also took up Bikram. I am ridiculously addicted – it keeps me fit, grounded and mindful and helps me to make the right choices day to day.


Your Turn

I hope you enjoy my posts. I will be sharing a mixture of healthy recipes, fitness reviews and tips, my thoughts on the health industry and just general lifestyle chit chat. I hope I inspire you to make the most of your day or even your week!

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Mwah xoxo